Polly Farrell studied art at college but remained an amateur artist while she pursued a career in management. From Crawley in Sussex, Polly always wanted to live by the sea and in 2017, she became a professional artist, and moved to Saltdean, just outside Brighton, selling paintings, prints and hand-painted glass/ceramic ware. She opened a studio and gallery at her home in 2019, where she has a clear view of the sea when she is creating.

Polly has always loved art deco and art nouveau genres and she has also been fascinated by stained glass and the beauty of light shining through it since she was a child. Her signature style is colourful art deco inspired work, often with faux stained-glass backgrounds. She has a broad range of inspiration including the colourists and artists such Tamara De Lempicka.

She largely uses acrylic paints for her images and produces bright colour or bold images to create lively, accessible paintings that capture an era, often with an underlying meaning or message. She was recently commissioned to produce the artwork for a CD inlay. Polly is also a portrait artist and likes nothing better than creating a true likeness.

At her studio, Polly teaches beginner classes in drawing, glass painting & ceramic painting, utilising her 30 years of experience in training. She started an art club in September 2019 and wants to bring the vibe and excitement of an artist’s network to her local area. Like many artists, the Covid-19 pandemic has interrupted her work and development, but Polly hopes that 2021 will be a year of expansion and creativity.